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Drool. Drool. Drool.

Dammit, I am salivating sitting here thinking about Girl Scout Cookies.

The baby is kicking as I think about Girl Scout Cookies.

Oh, when? Oh, where?

Recent Happenings

We hosted an impromptu NYE gathering last night. One friend mentioned at breakfast that five or six o\thers had nowhere to go. Since we planned to sit at home alone and watch 72 episodes of Lost, and since Lost is more addictive than crack and we couldn't stop and we'd watched them all already the day before, we allowed that one person to be the guy to invite people and let a small group of friends come over with virtually no notice. It was nice but I wish we had actually called everybody and had a real party. Apologies to Ghosts of LJ who may read this and feel like we are jerks. We are, but it was very unplanned and unexpected. I'm sorry.

In other news, Queens of the Stone Age were great and I am really looking forward to taking the baby out to a lot more prenatal rock and roll shows. I was hoping for kicking afterward, but baby is as quiet and undetectable as ever, so far. Magnetic Fields on Leap Day will be fun, but likely a lot less dancing.

Christmas was good, all is well in spite of family emergencies and chemos and these things that have become normal to us in the past few months.

New York next week. I fear I will freeze but I'm looking forward to tromping around on my own for a couple of days, which I love even more than tromping around with company sometimes.

I continue to get big and fat, and I continue to feel ever so lazy. Happy 'ought-eight!

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I Can't and I Won't Deny It

Yeah, I saw Rush tonight.

And they rocked.

Off to Oahu tomorrow! O! Wa-hoo!


One of the nice things about an untraceable journal read only by strangers, virtual strangers, or real-life friends who know you and know you aren't a drama queen is that you can revert to your inner high schooler and write things like the following sentence:Collapse )

And so it goes. We saw Air last night at the Masonic Auditorium and they rocked the tight white jeans as only two Frenchmen can do. I'm off to do more of the dreaded unpacking and cleaning and perhaps a new duvet for my little empty nest.

Suspect Advice

I was curious about how many calories I burned walking all over hell and back today, I entered my weight, milage, and speed into an online calculator. I must have been a very good girl: it advised me that I burned 648 calories and "may have a meal of: 4 Maple Leaf Chicken Strips, 1 cup of blueberries, 1 8-oz tub of Cool Whip."

Yes, I'll do that. Right after I vomit.